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On July 22, 2013
Last modified:May 21, 2016


Close Parent Caboo carrier ticks all the boxes for function, comfort, style, usability and more. Would liked to have held out for the new colour range ones but got a deal on the original grey one I couldn't turn down.

I’ll be honest here, this one was a really easy sell for the very lovely lady on the Close Parent stand at the Baby Show at Earls Court. She demonstrated the sling with a very willing 2lb toy baby both on herself and then gave me a full hands on tutorial. At 5 months pregnant it wasn’t that easy at first but it was instantly obvious how comfortable the sling is to wear. The soft organic cotton fabric (machine washable) is arranged in such a way that the load is evenly distributed both across the shoulders, as far spread as you need, as well as supported fully around the waist, taking pressure off the lower back and keeping baby wonderfully ‘close’ and secure against your chest. The Caboo features a clever double-ring feature on either side of the waist so you can easily adjust the sling with single-handed pull to each side to ensure baby is positioned correctly and properly supported. This also means that it will fit practically anyone, slim or cuddly, as there is plenty of excess material on each side which can also be tied around the front, under baby’s bum for added support, and to stop them flapping about around your legs.

To add to all the general cleverness, the bag supplied with the carrier is part of the carrier itself. You turn it inside out and attached to it on either side is an additional wrap for even more support. This ties around the wearers back and the drawstring of the top of the bag becomes an extra gathered support section under baby’s bum.

I would have to recommend watching various Caboo YouTube videos on how to put your baby into and get it out of the carrier. By the time Lumpy was born I’d completely forgotten and J hadn’t been there when I bought it. We spent happy hours practicing with an oversized teddybear in the run up to her birth so that when she arrived we were seasoned pro’s.

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”left” alt=”Caboo Close Parent Baby Sling” title=”Caboo Close Parent Baby Sling” height=”200″ width=”300″][/image_frame]Lumpy spent the best part of her first 6 weeks sleeping in the sling – she wouldn’t sleep anywhere else really, unless swaddled in her crib. She was warm, happy and cosy. I was happy to have her nestled up to me asleep whilst still able to get on with some basic jobs. And they were basic because I’d had a c-section, yet still I was able to wear the sling from day 3 (when we came home from hospital) without any noticeable discomfort. Given that Lumpy was born in February, I was able to use the wide fabric almost as a shawl down to my elbows – particularly useful whilst she slept her way through her cousin’s hour long christening ceremony in a frigid church in Yorkshire. I was even able to stand up to sing and go down on my knees for a blessing by the vicar without her waking, my knees collapsing or putting my back out.

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”left” alt=”Caboo Close Parent Baby Sling” title=”Caboo Close Parent Baby Sling” height=”300″ width=”200″][/image_frame]By 3 months, Lumpy had such good head control and got so stroppy about not being able to see what was going on, that we started putting her face-out in the sling. The instructions say 4-5months before you do this, but really, it’s a judgement call as to whether your baby can manage it. She loved it. For an entire week on holiday she happily gurgled and waved her arms at plants and trees and birds and sky and castles and anything else we pointed her at, whilst J and I carried her comfortably around to places no buggy would have been able to get to.

Now we’re into high summer however, I do find the carrier damn hot. As does Lumpy, but I’m sure this would be the same for any carrier so I can’t hold that against it at all.

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