Bringing balance back to the force

Lumpy is now 9months old and you’d think that we’d have gotten a handle on things by now. In some senses we have – Monday we go to the swings, Tuesday and Friday she goes to granny & grandads while I work or catch up on shopping, cooking and cleaning, Wednesday is Waterbabies and Thrusday is Sing & Sign. Weekends are family and jobs time, relaxed mornings, long walks care of our National Trust membership, swimming with J.

But all too often, because of the nature of Js work (Freelance sales consultant) and because I’ve officially resigned from my day job to build up our sales, marketing and design business and to start our 2nd business, much of the intervening minutes and hours, evenings and time at weekends is spent catching up on emails, admin – expenses, the company accounts, clearing the storage space ready for our first big product shipment, upcycling equipment we salvaged from a closing down sale for our own retail shows, all those jobs that you have to do when you run your own business.

Having 2 days a week to get on with things is great and I couldn’t ask for more support from my parents, who, of course, find looking after their first grandchild for 5-6 hours at a time a terrible chore! (You can hear the sarcasm here I hope). But I still find at the end of the week that perhaps I’ve not had a shower since swimming lesson, that my plans to get up and leave Lumpy with her dad 2 mornings a week so I can go to the gym have not materialised – I’m desperate to loose the baby weight (and more) that I lost in simply giving birth and breast feeding but which has come back with a few friends since, but again STUFF gets in the way. J can be up and out by 6am some days, or home until 10 which makes planning a regular day for exercise tricky. Add to that my recent sleep issues and that some mornings it’s all I can do to get up and feed lumpy her breakfast before crawling back to bed when she has her nap. Add to that feeling bad for going back to bed when the kitchen looks like Gordon Ramsey’s worst tantrum, the living room would put Toys R Us to shame and the conservatory/office/dining room is stacked with paperwork labelled Urgent, a shops mannequin affectionately known as Titty Tina (she is annoyingly pert and perky and has been joined this week by a headless torso known as Busty Brenda), 3 crates of sample clothing products, boxes of dive kit (Js sales samples), the clothes airer, ironing pile, and a floor covered in whatever bits of finger food lumpy deemed unworthy of entry into her mouth.

How do the women with perfect houses do it? I know I need to get a handle on the house ASAP because Lumpy is pretty much mobile and grabs anything she likes the look of ans stuffs it in her mouth :
an ikea shopping bag pulled from that bag of bags for life we all have, her shoes from the drawer,
a letter off the arm of the sofa,
the tv remote,
a cushion,
my phone,
the power cable from my laptop,
clothes from the clean laundry pile,
clothes from the dirty laundry basket,
an oven glove
The dust bunnies on the floor that I haven’t had time to clean up,
The cat,
The cats toys,
My slippers,

In fact, this post by Ugly Volvo entitled 10month olds letter to Santa is so spot on it could have been written about Lumpy.

In short, my brain is in a constant state of aaaaargh that I can only see getting worse with a rapidly approaching Christmas.

If you’ve got any tips on organising your life with kids and work please feel free to share!

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  1. It does get easier. Although then it becomes a bit complex again as they start properly walking and talking and having opinions, which can be challenging.

    Just try to take the occasional breath. Stop and take a deep breath and smile. Actually, I should probably do that myself! lol.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful first Christmas with your little one and a Merry New Year!!! Keep up the great posts!

    Louise @ NorthHantsMum

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