Where did that go?

My last post was in March. MARCH?! Months ago, feels like 5 minutes and 5 years. Good job I never wanted to make this a profitable thing.

Let’s catch up.

First term at nursery – only one day a week an Mondays at that so starting just before Easter was a bit silly. Week in, picked up bug, sick for a fortnight (all of us), week in, Easter Monday, week in, sick, in, bank holiday. You get the idea. No consistency and a lot of tears but finally, after a constant few weeks attendance, the accompaniment of Bunny, and a blossoming relationship with Micha, her carer, she now goes off with a wave and runs to show us stuff when we collect her. Phew. We’ve had our first finger painting (awwww #proudmummy), report card (she is 16month old!) all positive of course, and mystery item of clothing. It’s a grey little nursery with only 7 in the under 2s room so she isn’t overwhelmed or left adrift but is growing and developing so fast.


1. Walking. Been doing that since our last post soooo 3 1/2 months. Lumpy now also walks backwards, sideways, spins in circles til she’s dizzy, runs in short bursts, runs at stuff and deliberately falls over or throws herself at soft landings like toys, rugs, long grass, other people. She is super proud of her littlelife dinosaur rucksack, which has a harness for me to keep her in check. She will also roll down small hills, crouch down to look at stuff/molest the cat and has started climbing.

2. Communications. Our basic words are Daddad (granddad), Dad, that, this, yesssss, no. But she understands pretty much everything I say to a certain extent. I can ask if she is hungry, wants a sleep, nappy change, drink. She will take an item to another person or place if asked a- including putting it in the washing machine if told to. If asked if it’s bath time she will climb the stairs. When I tell her it’s time to go out she knows where her shoes are she goes to the cupboard, gets them out and tries to put them on. Or gets my keys from my bag. At bed time after reading stories she tells me she’s done and points to the bed. We go through the goodnight kisses and hugs, say night night to various toys and I put her in the cot. She takes her bear, smiles and waves and rolls over away from me. Bye mum. Bugger off now it’s sleep time.

In the mornings she goes to the cupboard and gets out two clean cat food bowls and two packets of food because the cat has asked her to! They are going to get very fat.

In just the last few weeks she has developed a wide range of new noises for things – moo for cows, kurgh for pigs, rhinos, elephant, cooooodleooodledooo for chickens, sssss for snakes, brrrruming for tractors, complete with steering wheel arm waving. She waves at cars, busses, tractors and aeroplanes.

She also identifies with much enthusiasm the following body parts : head, shoulders and yes, knees and toes, feet, hands, legs, arms, eyes, ears, chin. Her favourites are nose and tummy. She can also identify these on others people, animals, toys and pictures.

3. Imagination Play

She recently started associating toys with real life. She knows her Lego tractor goes brrrrum and should be pushed around on the floor at the same time. This then extended to another little rover from a space rocket and then a large dumper truck, which she will only let go brum if the driver is inside.

Jigsaws and shape sorters. Having previously been completely disinterested in these all of a sudden not only does she know exactly where each piece goes but it is funny to pretend not too. She will deliberately put a shape in the wrong hole or the piece in the wrong place and look at you for a response. When you say no she moves to the next wrong choice, giggling until she’s done every wrong option and then either ignores the last one or completes it with a look of ‘silly grownups’.

Toy animals now also get walked around the floor. Her favourites are a duplo farm yard and zoo set from my cousins children. She can pretend to sleep, eyes shut and making a fake snore and whistle noise.

Just this evening she surprised me again. Flopsy, Mopsy an Cottontail in her Peter Rabbit book are depicted eating blackberries, bread and milk. She made a picking up motion with thumb and forefinger at the bowl of blackberries, picked up an imaginary one and fed it to me. Then another to herself. This continued for a while until I tried too. After damn near biting my fingers off I asked if she was still hungry. She pointed to the bedroom door so off we popped downstairs for some blueberries (closest I could get) and cheese supper. Still a bit gob smacked.

4. Tasks – we have a document from Lumpys grandma, who is a nursery carer. It’s basically a developmental assessment with criteria and milestones by age. Whilst the milestones an be vague to read, when you see your hips actually doing one you realise what it means.

Helps with dressing – in our case, screams if not allowed to try to put on own nappy, socks and trousers. Tries to take off clothes, mostly at the dinner table. Finds it funny to remove nappy. Runs around with other peoples clothes on head so can’t see where she’s going. Seems to have stopped this since she ran headlong into a doorframe this week. Has started putting on mummy and daddy’s shoes. Before all this she has a set routine of applying her cream. She has eczema which mostly doesn’t bother her but she insists on rubbing large quantities of sudocream up both legs and on her tummy. It’s quite sweet actually.

Self feeding – uses a fork with some dexterity. Often chooses not to, or to demonstrate what the England bowlers seem incapable of. Throwing stuff with alarming accuracy. Would much rather use mummy or daddy’s cutlery, cups, glasses, bottle etc. Quite content to feed anything using fingers – including weetabix! Will also try to force feed others as a distraction technique.

Responds to basic commands – except for No. Which goes totally ignored most of the time. Tricky.

Most of this has escalated in the 3 months since learning to walk. Exploring the world around her has opened up parts of her little brain that shine with personality. It’s hard to keep up. 20140629-230357-83037903.jpg


  1. Such a lot changes in 3 months doesn’t it! Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and see all the changes in their little worlds – I should do more of this myself. Little Man is almost 2 and transforming almost in front of my eyes! Lovely post, new reader visiting from reading your comment over at Franglais Mummy.

  2. Doesn’t time fly?!? Enjoy every second as it flies by so quickly and suddenly they’re approaching their 8th birthday!! She sounds like she’s doing amazingly well, keep taking photos, videos and making notes of it all as you forget it all really easily 🙁

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